Elka Engineered Flooring

When laid, an Elka real wood floor is virtually indistinguishable from a solid wood floor. This is thanks to the product's unique structure, which includes a generous surface layer of bettween 2.2mm and 6mm of real wood, making it possible for some engineered floors to be sanded and refinished.

The strength of each board comes from three or more layers of wood laid in opposite directions. This helps to avoid any issues with contraction and expansion, making it a perfect choice for use in areas where traditional hardwood flooring cannot be used, such as conservatories or in conjunction with underfloor heating. The simplicity of it's construction makes it perfect for use in DIY projects and thanks to it's strength, it can easily be installed as a floating floor.

Elka have introduced some UV oiled wood floors to their engineered range. Advances in UV cure technology have resulted in a finish that is more versatile, hardwearing and easy to maintain whilst retaining the natural aesthetic look of the wood. Oiled wood floors requirean intermittent maitenance programme. Cleaning he floor with Elka Clean and applying a coat of Elka Protect Oil at least once a year won't just remove scuffs and scratches, but will improve it's durability and it will also restore your floor to thst vibrant piece of nature you fell in love with first time round.