Quickstep Laminate Floors

Quickstep laminate floors are designed to last a lifetime. They easily stand up to the challenges of high heels, races with toy trucks and even falling objects. Thanks to their Scratch Guard top layer, all of their floors are up to ten times more scratch resistant. From finding the perfect plank structure to carefully balancing the colour and bevel of the plank, creating unique and attractive floors is Quickstep's mission. Thanks to their true to life features, their wood and stone decors look and feel like the real deal. Installation of their laminate floors is a breeze thanks to their patented and world-renowned Uniclic joining system.


One quick glance and you’ll notice the Signature range is marked by refinement. With elegant designs, authentic structures and realistic bevels the floors in the Signature range stand out as the most refined laminate floors ever made and are nearly indistinguishable from real wood. And practicality wasn’t forgotten either during the design process by Quickstep, since the Signature range also offers excellent protection against water and scratches for maximum peace of mind.


Want to add a special touch to your home's interior to make it more exclusive and remarkable? Quickstep's Majestic range will help with that. With the range's extra wide and extra long long planks (2.05m x 24cm) they will add a luxurious and regal feel to your home. The longest and widest laminate boards that Quickstep produce mean that the planks of the Quickstep Majestic range make a big impression with their true to nature colours and textures, as well as having extreme water resistance thanks to Quickstep's Hydro Seal coating which is added to the floors wear layers at the manufacturing stage.


With an extraordinary length of just over 2 metres, the planks in the Quickstep Largo range exude class and quality. The micro bevel on the edge of each board will help to add more depth to your interior and helping to make if feel a more special place.

Impressive & Impressive Ultra

Quick-Step Impressive (8mm) and Impressive Ultra (12mm) ranges are a collection of laminate floors that looks and feels exceptionally natural. The planks' authentic wood grains, for example, are perfectly reflected into the floor's joints as well. And there's more: thanks to a unique water-repellent 'HydroSeal' coating, Impressive laminate is not only beautiful, it's also one of the most water resistant laminate floorings that Quickstep has produced.


The Quickstep Eligna range is stikingly beautiful thanks to it's
excellent balance between length and width. If you lay these solid
extended floors without grooves, you'll generate a soft and tasteful


Offering a balanced combination of colours and styles, blended with a natural look and feel the Quickstep Classic range gives you a stylish floor. Coupled with Quickstep's water resistance technology this range gives you choice for every room in your home


The Quickstep Creo range brings a classic modern floor into your home without breaking the bank. The 7mm standard sized and non V-grooved boards in the range help to provide a streamline apperance to your floor.

Impressive Patterns

The Quickstep Impressive Patterns range helps to make patterned flooring available without the cost and complexity of a conventional installation. Thanks to the super easy Uniclic click system, installment is as simple as any other laminate floor. What’s more, Impressive Patterns floors feature an innovative top layer that ensures excellent protection against water and scratches. The Impressive Patterns range comes in a variety of colours and patterns, all with a distinct character:

Chevron - A vivid and trendy pattern that’s popular in many modern interiors. But there’s more, depending on the installation, you can create both chevron or diamond patterns with the same planks.

Royal Oak - Stylish square patterns inspired by real-wood parquet and reminiscent of the luxurious floors you’ll see in royal palaces or castles all throughout Europe.


The large format tiles with subtle V-grooves in the Quickstep Arte range combine the durability of an original tile floor with the practical benefits of a laminate floor. With wood, stone and modern textile designs in the range a varied choice is available.


The Quickstep Exquisa range has a range of decors from stone and ceramic tiles to a unique textile pattern. The patterns give an innovative floor with a tactile surface structure and has effects from individual tiles designs to a multi tile pattern on the boards.